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Toddler won't sleep

Toddler Bedtime Battles

Toddlers at bedtime can be a nightmare. No amount of prodding can get some toddlers to snuggle up in bed and sleep. Avoid turning your child’s sleeping environment into a battleground, and if everything fails and it still ends up as one, make sure you win the battle every time.

Routine bedtimes for any particular age are not recommended by experts. Every toddler is different and bed times usually depends on how your household works – how many children there are, or when your dinner time is. The secret in avoiding toddler bedtimes turning into power struggles between you and your kids is a well developed bedtime routine.

Toddler bedtime routines can vary from one family to another. Some routines include a shower, a snack, and story reading before tucking your child to sleep. Others involve videos, a little playtime and a glass of milk. Explore the various possibilities and be creative. The more routines you try, the more chances you will have on finding the routine that works. Once you discover the most effective bedtime routine, stick with it.

Be consistent with your routine. Set some guidelines beforehand and make sure that you stick to these rules no matter what. Your toddler might use his or her charm powers to sway you away from the rules, but be firm and strict. Once your child realizes the sternness of the bedtime system you have established, he will conform and consequently be able to form his sleeping habits.

Reducing a part of your child’s energy during daytime play can also help in preparing for a peaceful bedtime with your toddler. Do not discourage outdoor play and let your child run around as much as he wants to.

Toddler bedtime should never be a stressful experience for both parent and child. Know what makes your child tick, and work with him in order to make his bedtime – and yours, fun and easy



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