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Toddler development

Toddler Development Expectations and Challenges

Toddlers are, in a way, walking contradictions. They are developing their own ideas and wants, but their bodily functions haven’t kept in pace. Navigating through toddler development years can be tricky, so you should know what to expect and prepare yourself for the challenges that lie ahead.

Toddler independence

As your child gets older, he’ll learn to do things by himself and assert his independence in every way possible. Learning how to take care of himself is an integral part of toddler development. Make sure you guide him every step of the way.

Toddler stages

Toddler stage is marked by much growth, changes and mood swings. They are more on will and less on skill and this can result to them often feeling frustrated, and misbehaving. Children at this age find the need to explore their environment and defining themselves as separate people. They assert independence, but are still very dependent. Sometimes, the only way to get out from the mess that this clash creates is to appreciate your toddler’s need to do things their way.

Doing things for themselves

As your toddlers’ sense of self increases, so does his ability to care for himself. Up until his pre-school years, he will be able to master using utensils, brushing his own teeth, getting dressed and using the toilet. Make sure that during these activities, you are closely monitoring your child, telling him what he did wrong and complimenting him for what he did right. Your child also likes exploring and experimenting during these years. Do not discourage him, instead let him learn things by himself but never keep him out of your sight.

Child’s growing independence

The stages of toddler development can be quite taxing for both toddlers and adults. And though watching your child’s growing independence can be bittersweet, make sure you have enough understanding of this stage in your child’s life so you can make it easier for him and more fun for everyone.



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