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Toddler bedtime

Make Toddler Bedtimes Fun

Your child can drive you nuts, and this cannot be any truer when your toddler refuses to sleep at night. Though it can be pretty challenging to get an active child to bed, there are still positive responses to consistent routines intended for toddlers who won’t sleep.

Toddler energy

Most toddlers have high amounts of energy, and with the fact that staying awake is more fun, your child would often prefer to play than sleep. Work some of your child’s energy off at daytime. Keep him busy and provide activities that requires for him to move around and release his cooped up energy.

Bedtime routine for toddlers

Start a bedtime routine for toddlers who won’t sleep. Some of the most common routines involve a bath, brushing teeth, a story before bed, and even a glass of milk. Others involve a video, snuggling and a little play. Be imaginative. Vary your routines and try a lot to see which of these routines work.

Toddler boundaries

Make sure that you are firm and consistent in your schedules. Set clear restrictions and stick to them no matter what. Some kids will try to beg for more stories, more food or a little more play just to keep them from going to bed. To avoid swaying from the routine, set boundaries beforehand, like three stories, or how much to eat you will give them, and stick to these boundaries until your toddler gets used to it.

Relaxing environment for your toddler

Create a relaxing environment for your toddler who won’t sleep. Keep a soothing and calming room that is pleasant and secure for him. You can also provide him with his favorite blanket, or toy that can help him snuggle and doze.

Patience is a virtue

Be patient. Having your toddler’s sleeping habits changed will not happen overnight. Consistently and patiently work on your designed sleep routine, and soon, sleep will be catching up not just to your child, but to you as well.



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