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Toddler Activities for You and Your Child

Every one of us went through the same stages in life. Go back to the time when you were but a toddler – remember when all you wanted to do was play? You cannot therefore blame them when all your child wants to do is go out there and have fun the way toddlers know how.
Toddler activities are a major part of children’s lives. They are at the stage in life when they are curious and eager to please. They very much want to participate in activities with their friends and opt to play as much as they possibly can.

As a parent it is important that you bond with your child and so by spending a few minutes of fun time every day with your child then this will ensure a healthy relationship for a long time to come!
Activities with your child need not be long; some can last for 10-15 minutes. This is even more than enough if you do them regularly and these games can even be as enjoyable for you as they are for your toddler.

What Activities can you play?

There are a wide range of games dependent on your child age. From the ages of 6 months and above simple games like peek a boo can cause endless amounts of fun.

It is also important from an early age to read to then and get them interested in books containing both different sounds and textures.

Endless hours of fun can be had with both building blocks and bricks. So too can playing hide and seek or doing jigsaws and puzzles together. Take them swimming or just go for a stroll or walk in the park. Let them experience the sights and smells of the great outdoors
When they get older spending time outdoors by teaching them to ride a bike or go on a skateboard will ensure that both of you have that essential time together.

Sometimes it’s even just as nice to have a day in the house and watch TV on the sofa together or play a DVD. Simple things are often the best.

The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and take toddler activities to a higher level. You will not only satisfy your toddler’s desire for play, you will also establish a parent-child connection that will bring you closer to each other whilst having fun and having a special time together.



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