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Coping with the terrible two's!

 terrible two's!Greater needs

At two years old children start to form their own opinions about things and have greater needs and wants than they did as a baby. This is when you might have to start thinking of ways of coping with the terrible twos.

Reasons why children misbehave

There are two reasons why children tend to be more badly behaved at this age. Firstly they cannot communicate very well and this means that they cannot explain to you what they want and they get very frustrated. Secondly they can walk and they want their independence and want to be able to go wherever they want.

Solved with discipline

Both of these can be solved with discipline. As long as the child knows its boundaries and has a simple set of rules to follow then there should not be too many problems. If they know that when they are out walking they have to hold your hand and you always stick with this rule, then they will have no reason to try to argue with you. At this age children can start to have tantrums and question your discipline. You need to stay firm and make sure that your rules are stuck to.

Praise good behavior

This can be fun, it does not all have to involve telling them off, it is very important to praise good behavior. Even if you have just gone out for a walk and the child has held onto your hand the whole time and walked nicely, make sure that you praise them. Give them little treats if they are good and make it clear to them that you always love them even when they are naughty. Make their life fun and they should reward you by being happy and well behaved. Children like routine, rules and boundaries and they like having fun and you can have both.



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