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Dealing with temper tantrums

Dealing with temper tantrums can be very difficult. They often seem to happen in public and it can be very embarrassing when people are staring and you and your child and wondering what you are going to do to stop them. I have seen parents use various approaches, smacking the child, picking it up and carrying it away or just ignoring it.

When a child loses its temper

The best thing to do is not to get into a situation where the child loses its temper. When the child is young and starts having little tantrums, just ignore them. It starts because they are frustrated and cannot explain to you what they want. Leave the child to fuss and cry and do not give in and give them what they want. They will soon stop doing it. However, in a older child it can be harder. If, in the past, they have found that having a tantrum gets them what they want, they will keep trying it.

Smacking and shouting

Smacking and shouting at them does not work. They are doing it to get your attention and by responding they know that they have it. The best thing is to explain to them that you are no longer going to take any notice of their tantrums and then stick to your word. If you are in a situation where you think a tantrum might start, then try to either avoid it or distract them. If the tantrum occurs then just ignore it, if the child is in public or in danger, it is fine to pick them up and move them, but do not speak to them. Do not hug or kiss them or smack or pull them. Just gently move them and then let the tantrum take its course. It will be hard work but worth the effort.



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