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How to cope with sibling rivalry?

It is common for a majority of parents to have more than one child. However, they then have to work out how to cope with sibling rivalry, which is always likely to happen. It is common for parents to buy an older sibling a present from a new baby in order that the older child starts off by liking the baby because they gave them a gift. This has been found to work very well initially. However, it can be difficult to spend an equal amount of time with all the children, especially if one child needs more help and attention than the other.

Demonstrate to your children you love them equally

It is important to demonstrate to the children that you love them equally and of course tell them that as well. If they feel that they are being treated unfairly then it is best to explain to them why it seems that you are not being fair. It can be useful to have some one on one time with each child, this means that you can spend some time doing something that they enjoy, perhaps that their sibling does not.

There will always be jealously between children

It is natural for there to be some sibling rivalry and it does happen in all families. Even when the children have grown up and left home there can be jealously over the way they are being treated either currently or in the past. Even if the children are very close and love each other dearly, they can still be jealous of each other. As long as, as a parent, you are doing everything you can to be as fair as possible and you explain that to the children, there isn’t really anything more you can do except to accept that it is natural behavior for the children to compete for their parents love and attention.



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