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Infant-toddler nutrition

You are what you eat, or in the case of infant-toddler nutrition – kids will be what they eat. As a child undergoes the transition from infant to toddler, his physical and mental faculties undergo an intense series of developments. To ensure the best and healthiest growth and progress, as a parent, you need to pay more attention to what you feed your child.

Vitamins and minerals

It has been reiterated countless of times – Breast is best, and I will not tire of repeating that breast milk is indeed best for babies. It has all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your infant needs in his tender age of 0-2 years. Infant formulas imitate breast milk and its composition, and though formulas have sustained improvement through various researches throughout the years, nothing still beats the real thing. Breastfeeding does not only provide your babies the best in infant milk, it also gives you the opportunity to build a connection between you and your baby.

Fussy eater

While an infant eats anything you put in front of him, a toddler, who is striving to take control of his independence, may now be a fussy eater in your dinner table. Be creative. Make mealtimes fun, and once you have avoided making the dining table a battleground, focus in giving your toddler a balanced diet. A balanced toddler diet consists of a combination of starchy food, fruits, vegetables, milk products, food high in sugar and fat and meat and fish alternatives. Make sure that every meal served contains a combination of these foods to guarantee that your child is getting the proper toddler nutrition he needs.

Child’s eating habits

Your child’s eating habits and the food he eats won’t change overnight. But suffice to say that, the small steps you take each day in promoting proper infant-toddler nutrition and good health for your child can ultimately jumpstart a lifetime of healthy eating.



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