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Infant to toddler learning games

Teaching Infants and Toddlers through Play

Young children learn in the context of their everyday experiences and the time between they are aged 0-4 is a critical learning period. Parents therefore must learn to focus on infant to toddler learning games – activities that are safe, fun and educational all at the same time.

Choking hazards

With all the choking hazards and the lack of fine motor skills, coming up with infant to toddler learning games takes a considerable amount of preparation and planning.

What makes your kids tick

To get you started, understand what makes your kids tick. For infants, know that they are constantly at hard work trying to grasp and learn all about their new world. Help them learn by providing them with various safe things to play with and inspect. Let your baby touch, look at and listen to a variety of objects, objects that are safe enough to put in his mouth – since that is the place where it will ultimately end up in.

Energetic, self-centered and busy

For toddlers, expect them to be energetic, self-centered and busy. Since kids at that age period prefer to have fun all day, give your child opportunities to play. Play is the best, if not, the only way toddlers learn. It is the best outlet for them to explore, to become creative and develop social and academic skills.

Safe environment for your children

Make sure you provide your children a safe environment for exploring. Provide them with opportunities to make their own choices, and choose the appropriate group of children that they will be hanging out with since playing with these kids will help your child learn to negotiate. Explore the possibilities. The more varied your activities are, the more your children will learn about the world.

Toddler learning games

For infant to toddler learning games, safety should be of utmost importance. Once you have established a safe learning environment for your kids, focus your attention on giving them opportunities to have fun and learn while doing so.



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