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How to cure a yeast infection in a toddler

If someone tells you that your child has no chance of getting yeast infection as say, a normal grown woman, do not be fooled. Your child is as susceptible to getting yeast infections anywhere else that is wet and warm in his or her body as you, and this calls for you to know how to cure yeast infections in toddlers early on.

Yeast infections thrive in warm and wet conditions

To efficiently fight the enemies, we must know them and know what makes them tick. Yeast infections love the feel of anything warm and wet. More than enough those can be found in heat-trapping diapers that your child wears regularly. To prevent infections in your toddler, make sure that you keep your child’s diapers consistently clean and dry through frequent diaper change.

Yeast infections are commonly mistaken as diaper rash

Yeast infections are commonly mistaken to be diaper rash, and while applying diaper creams can temporarily relieve your toddler from itchiness, it will do nothing to eliminate the infection. The first step then in curing yeast infection in toddlers, is determining the infection first-hand.

Tiny rashes

Yeast infection differs from diaper rashes in that they appear to have edges that have tiny rashes in them. Once determined, over-the-counter anti-fungal topical creams can be purchased and applied directly to the infected area. If there is no visible change in the appearance of the rash after three to five days, it would be advisable to seek professional help from your pediatrician.

Cure yeast infections

Though knowing how to cure yeast infections in toddlers is no rocket science, it would still be best if you are aware of how it is contracted and the ways to prevent further episodes. Keep cleanliness a top priority. Never let your toddling wear a damp or soiled diaper for too long. After all, yeast thrives in warm, damp places, and possibly, afterwards, in your child’s body. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?



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