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Diaper discipline what is it?

Diaper discipline is a form of punishment used by a minority of people when their children have serious behavior problems. It has to be used for children who have been potty trained and therefore do not normally use diapers. The idea is that the naughty child is put back into diapers as a form of punishment for their bad behavior. They will find this embarrassing as they are grown up children and no longer babies. The punishment demonstrates to the child that their behavior is baby like and therefore they will be treated like a baby. It usually only happens inside the home.

Diaper discipline is a controversial means of punishment

It is a very controversial means of punishment, some parents thinking that it works very well and others thinking that it is a form of child abuse. Many people also think that it can lead to many problems in the future. would like to make it clear we do not condone this method and this article is her only to inform parents what Diaper discipline actually is.




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