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Changing for cot to bed

When you are changing from cot to bed it can cause problems for your child. Firstly the child may not feel comfortable in a new bed, they will be used to their cot and want to sleep in there. It is a good idea to get them used to the idea by telling them how grown up they will be when they go into their own bed and to get them involved with choosing the bed and making it so that they know it is theirs and it is special. It might be worth letting them have a familiar blanket in the new bed.

Always make the change to bed a positive thing. If you have concerns, try not to let your child realize that you do. If they think there is something to be scared of, they will be apprehensive and more likely to cause a fuss.

Will your child fall out of their bed?

There is a possibility that a child may fall out of their bed as they are used to having the bars on the sides of their cot. A bed guard may need to be used to protect them, until they are used to being in a bed and therefore not sleeping near to the edge.

Child getting out of bed?

Another problem with them not having sides on their bed is that they can get out of bed easily. This is a good thing if they need the toilet in the middle of the night, but it can be a problem. Sometimes children get out of bed and go downstairs or climb into their parents bed. This can become quite a problem with disturbing everyone’s sleep and it is important for parents to be firm and return the child to bed every time they get out, so they realize that getting out of bed is not allowed.



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