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Baby Sitters

Hiring someone to look after your child needs lot preparation to make sure you have a responsible person in charge of your child. Many people hire through the net or through local advertisements in shops or in the newspaper but an interview is always a good idea. Word of mouth through other people who have used the service is also a good way of finding out what the sitter has to offer.

Make sure you have references from the baby sitter.

Making checks on your baby sitter.

Here are some methods of what checks to make.

  • Use a babysitter over 16 who is mature and sensible. Conduct checks with either the NSPCC (UK) or Children's Legal Centre (US).

  • They should have some knowledge of first aid and what to do in an emergency.

  • Allow time to talk to the babysitter to inform them of routines or special needs that your child requires.

  • Let them know what T.V programmes/DVD’s they are allowed to watch.

  • Ensure that transport arrangements are sorted out and that they can get home safe after the sitting. Any payment required for this should be provided by yourself as part of the fee.

  • Always give your mobile number or an alternative number they can reach someone on if they can’t get you. Let them know that if they phone and it is a false alert you will not mind. It’s better to be safe than sorry!



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