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Autistic symptoms in toddlers

The early signs and symptoms of autism in toddlers are subtle and vague. Many parents often mistake these symptoms as mere parts of their child’s personality. But when should the parents begin to get worried about the looming possibilities of autism?

Autism diagnosis

Autism diagnosis on the average occurs when the child is between three to four years old, but if you notice an apparent difference between your child and other children earlier than those ages, be alarmed for it might be a symptom of autism.

Developmental disorder

Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by extremes in skills and behavior. The three areas of behavior usually affected are social interactions, language and communication and activities and interests. Your child’s obsessive knack for sameness and resistance to changes in his environment coupled by the desire to huddle in the corner playing by himself can be a cause for concern.

Another symptom of autism

Another symptom of autism in toddlers is associated with their display of unusual or repetitive behaviors. A toddler headed for autism may have the inability to connect or interact with someone even as familiar as their own parents. An autistic toddler can pinpoint, use words or make eye contact but lacks the total communication package. When your child is past 1 year of age and is still unable to synchronize gaze, facial expression, gestures and sounds to form a communicative speech, you should consult specialists for a more intensive watch for a possible case of autism.

Early detection of Autism

You can make a huge difference if you monitor your child’s developmental milestones and identify the symptoms of autism in toddlers early on. Early detection allows interventions to be implemented. If spotted early, it would then be highly possible for you to prevent the start of a new behavior and an opportunity to get your child to open his door to the world.



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