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When does Morning Sickness Start?

Morning sickness normaly starts during the 6th week of pregnancy and lasts until the 12th week (third month). This is why morning sickness is associated with the first trimester of pregnancy. However morning sickness is a misnomer because it is neither a sickness nor does it always occur in the morning.

What can you do about morning sickness?

Morning sickness is associated with pregnancy hormones, the name ‘morning sickness’ however is misleading because it can happen at any time of the day. If the morning sickness occurs in the morning, try getting up early; you need not get out of your bed. Try eating crackers or cereal in bed or as soon as you get up.

This will ensure that she will have the nutrients needed in the morning even when she vomits after breakfast. And if the morning sickness occurs during the day, the pregnant woman should take plenty of rest. She should eat often but should never eat until her stomach feels full. A full stomach can only heighten the nauseous feelings of morning sickness.

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