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Baby Ultrasound

Advances in technology had made it possible for doctors and parents to better monitor the development of the baby inside the womb. One of such technological advances is the ultrasound. The ultrasound, which is used for pregnant women, is known by different names, such as obstetric sonogram, pregnancy sonogram, and obstetric ultrasonography. Whatever is the name used by the doctor, an ultrasound involves the use of high-frequency waves of sound that reveal an image of the baby.

Ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy tumors

The ultrasound is not just used to detect the gender of the child inside the uterus. There are more important functions of the ultrasound. First, the ultrasound can help a doctor detect any signs of abnormal pregnancy, such as ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy tumors. An early detection of abnormalities can help avoid miscarriages later.

placenta and amniotic fluid

Doctors can check the baby’s heart as well as the condition of the placenta and amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby.

The baby’s growth and position can also be known through ultrasound. And third, the ultrasound can indicate the age of the baby so that the doctors can give a precise estimate of the due date and that the parents can make the preparations in time.

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