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Triplet Pregnancies

A women who has been through a course of Fertility Drugs and treatments is more likely to have triplet pregnancies.

Fertility drugs that promote ovulation may cause the cervix to release more than one egg cell during the ovulation period. As a result, when the woman has sexual intercourse, the man’s sperm may fertilize two or more egg cells that the woman releases.

Vitro fertilization

Another cause of triplet pregnancies may be in vitro fertilization. During this process, doctors fertilize several eggs outside the woman’s body and then implant the fertilized eggs into the uterus. In some cases, more than one egg develops.

More at risk for complications?

When a woman is diagnosed with triplet pregnancy, she becomes more at risk for complications than a single pregnancy. Among these complications are high blood pressures, pre-eclampsia, kidney problems, and postpartum hemorrhages. Other than that, triplet pregnancies may also cause preterm labor and low birth weight, along with high risks for possible defects.

Triplet pregnancies demand extreme care and precaution

During these risks, triplet pregnancies demand extreme care and precaution. Regular visits to the maternal clinic are required once a week or on a twice a month basis. In addition to that, pregnant women with triplets require more frequent ultrasound exams and other tests so as to properly monitor the development of the babies, as well as the general health of the mother.

Daily physical activity

She is also required to reduce daily physical activity and have more rest since a multiple pregnancy can be exhausting. A steady intake of pertinent nutrients such as iron, calcium, and folic acid is needed for proper fetal development.

C-section delivery

As for the delivery, doctors are still finding the best way. Most of the time, a C-section delivery is done if the babies are not properly positioned. However, if the conditions are safe, the doctor may reposition the babies in the uterus and advise a vaginal birth. Whatever delivery method is used however, the mother and the babies will need a lot of intensive postpartum care.

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