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Teen pregnancyTeen pregnancy

Teen pregnancy The UK has more that 6 times the rate of teenage pregnancy than that of the Netherlands.

What causes teenage pregnancy?

There are several factors which cause teenage pregnancies such as lower levels of educational attainment lower levels of social inclusion such as employment ignorance of contraception or the lack of sexual education.

Teenage mothers tend to develop poor relationships with the childs father resulting in relationship breakdowns and them becoming single mums.

Is income a factor in teen pregnancy?

They tend to have lower incomes due to their dependency on the state and will not go on to higher and further education. They will tend to work in poorly paid employment and will be more often than not part time workers. They may also have to depend on family members to provide child care due to the cost of nursery or private care.

A daughter of a single mum is also more likely to become a single mum.

Better sex education in schools?

There is a need for an increase in sex education in schools at a younger age and not just being taught the mechanics of sex. Some times it is too little education too late and if the knowledge was given earlier than this could go someway to a decline in teenage pregnancies.

Both girls and boys need to be aware of the consequences of having sex and for the rise in STD’s in young males and females.

Also there needs to be an increase in family planning and greater access to free contraception for both sexes.

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