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Symptoms of pregnancy in the first week.

You will probably not feel much in the first week or two. The process of ovulation and fertilization is not something that will have any symptoms.


Mild cramping: This could occur on both sides of your body.
Increased amount of clear discharge.

Implantation Bleeding: This is caused by the embryo implants attaching itself to the uterine wall. Some women may also encounter spotting.

Missed period/Menstruation: This is the most obvious pregnancy sign in the first week. You can still bleed when you are pregnant however there will not be the same amount of blood as a period.

Fatigue – Your may feel tired as your body prepares for pregnancy. Your heart will pump quicker. Make sure you are eating properly and take exercise like a nice walk.

Frequent urination – you may need to go to the toilet more often as the enlarging uterus presses down on your bladder.

Heartburn – this is caused by the uterus starting to swell and pressing against your stomach.

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