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Sex During Pregnancy

It is very common among couples, especially first-time expectant parents, to wonder if it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. Unless clearly advised by your health care provider to avoid sex, sex during pregnancy is safe both for the mother and the baby.

This is because the baby is protected by a fluid called the amniotic fluid while inside the womb, by the abdomen, and by the mucus plug, which closes the cervix and aids in fighting against infections.

When should you consider stopping having sex during pregnancy?

  • any history of miscarriage
  • any history of premature birth and labor
  • if water bag is already broken
  • if mother experiences unexplained vaginal discharge or vaginal bleeding
  • if mother has placenta previa or low-lying placenta
  • if the mother’s cervix is dilated or is incompetent
  • if the partner has sexually transmitted disease

Please consult your doctor or other professional advice when making the choice if sex is safe.

Women and their partners may opt not to change their sexual practices during pregnancy. However, since pregnant women undergo physical and emotional changes in their body, changes need to be made so sex can be more comfortable.

Sex can still be enjoyable during pregnancy. Just pay more attention to your body and certain adjustments can be made so sex still can be a pleasure.

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