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Reusable Cloth Nappies

Reusable cloth nappies have three major advantages. The first one is that these are less expensive. The parents need only to choose good quality cloth nappies and there is no more need to get more. The second advantage is that reusable cloth nappies pose lesser risk for skin rashes. This is because the disposable nappies may contain chemicals that might cause allergies. And the third major advantage is that reusable cloth nappies are environment friendly.

Reasons to use reusable cloth nappies

The supporters of reusable cloth nappies point out that every baby goes through about 6,000 disposable diapers before they become potty-trained. This is equivalent to about 4 trees and one ton of landfill. Environmentalists estimate that disposable nappies decompose completely only after 500 years.

Disadvantage of using reusable cloth nappies

The major disadvantage of reusable cloth nappies is that it is time consuming. The parent, aside from all household duties and parental responsibilities, must ensure that there are clean cloth nappies available whenever the baby needs changing.

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