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pregnancyPregnancy symptoms

Here are some of the most common signs of pregnancy.

You may urinate more often.

You may find yourself going to the toilet more if you are pregnant. This is caused by an increase in blood and fluid which in turn is passed through the kidney’s and ending up in the bladder.

Mood swings

You may also develop mood swings. Hormonal changes are responsible for mood swings. Pregnancy can be a worrying time for both of you, with financial and health concerns involving the baby probably one of the biggest concerns.

Heartburn and constipation.

Again this is caused by an increase in hormone levels in your body. Make sure you drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, include plenty of fibre in your diet. If necessary take some over the counter heartburn relief tablets or liquids or drink some milk.

Feeling tired more than usual.

Tiredness is part and parcel of being pregnant! Stress and the hormone progesterone are the main causes. Try and lighten the load and not pack in as much to your day. If you are working full time, have a nap when you come home from work or if this is not possible then at least have put your feet up and give your partner some additional chores to do. The tiredness will generally subside after the first semester and then will return with a bang during the third! Try to make some special time with you are your partner.


Headaches during pregnancy are common amongst pregnant women especially during the first few months. Tension is most likely to be the cause and lack of sleep.

You may vomit and feel nauseous more often (morning sickness).

Most women don’t get morning sickness till a month into the pregnancy. In some women it happens almost immediately after conception! It does not just happen in the morning - it can happen morning, noon or night. This should subside after the first trimester has passed. If not consult your doctor.

You nipples can became darker and broader.

Your breasts can swell and be tender. You milk glands will develop.

You period stops or are very light. If there is any sign of lots of dark red blood then consult your doctor immediately as this may be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy.

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