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Pregnancy Spotting

Pregnancy spotting or bleeding during pregnancy is considered as a normal event during early pregnancy stages. Light spotting in a week or two after the fertilization of the egg is perfectly normal as it indicates that an embryo has been implanted in the walls of your uterine.

Light pregnancy spotting during the first trimester?

During the first months of your pregnancy- particularly during the first trimester, light pregnancy spotting can also be considered as a sign of the cervical changes that you are experiencing and thus, it is nothing to be worried about.

Does pregnancy spotting indicate various complications

However, though pregnancy spotting may be normal, it may also indicate various complications with your maternal condition. As such, bleeding during pregnancy should not be taken lightly. Whenever such is observed, immediate advice from your ob-gynecologist or heath care provider should be sought for. In alarming cases where vaginal bleeding comes with fever, cramping, headache, and contractions, you should be rushed to the hospital immediately.

Be wary of pregnancy spotting

A particular reason why you should be wary of pregnancy spotting is because it might indicate a miscarriage. Note that fifteen percent of known pregnancies end up in miscarriage. So if you are pregnant and you have experienced vaginal bleeding right after you had a physical accident or after you have been exposed to an extremely stressful event, you have to consult your doctor immediately.

Another cause of pregnancy spotting is an abnormal pregnancy, which may either be an ectopic pregnancy molar pregnancy. Both indicate problems with the fertilization process.

Problems of the placenta may also bring about pregnancy spotting during the second or the third trimesters of your pregnancy. This is a serious condition as it may indicate placental abruption, premature labor, or late miscarriage.

Last but not the least; pregnancy spotting may also be caused by infections such as:

  • Yeast infections
  • Bacterial vaginosis trichomoniasis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Herpes

or other sexually transmitted diseases that may not only cause irritations, but may even harm fetal development as well.

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