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Preeclampsia in pregnancy - Preeclampsia symptoms

This is a condition that affects both the baby and mother. About 5-8% of all pregnancies are affected with this condition.

Symptoms of Preeclampsia in pregnancy are:

  • high blood pressure
  • changes in vision
  • edema
  • sudden weight gain
  • constant headaches
  • presence of protein on the mother’s urine

This condition is also known as PIH or pregnancy induced hypertension or toxemia.

Preeclampsia occurs in pregnancy.

Preeclampsia is a condition that only occurs during pregnancy. It is vital that your blood pressure and urine are checked at antenatal appointments.

Risk to both mother and baby  

Preeclampsia carries risk to the mother and baby. It affects the placenta and limits the baby’s supply of oxygen and food. If the condition is allowed to continue then it can affect the kidneys, liver and lungs. The brain and blood clotting system can also be affected. If the condition moves to its most serious phase then it can lead to eclampsia with fits, coma and even death, though this is most unusual.

What is the treatment for Preeclampsia?

You will be given drugs to lower your blood pressure. Preeclampsia is difficult to treat and usually will end by inducing labor or by Caesarean. It is rare that this condition occurs in early stages of pregnancy however, the baby may have to be delivered prematurely should it occur.

How can you help prevent Preeclampsia?

Taking one Asprin a day(75mg) has been prescribed as a preventive measure, however recent research has not backed up this theory.

Recent research points to vitamin C and vitamin E helping prevent Preeclampsia however, the research is at a early stage.

Calcium supplementation is also worth considering if you are in the high risk group for Preeclampsia.

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