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Molar pregnancy

Molar pregnancy occurs when a mass of unexpected and anomalous tissue forms inside the uterus. This tissue is called the hydatidiform mole and it originates from the placenta. The result is that the woman with the hydatidiform mole experience pregnancy symptoms and is having molar pregnancy. There are two types of this condition: the complete molar pregnancy and the partial molar pregnancy.

Abnormal formation

The complete molar pregnancy is the abnormal formation of purely placental tissue. This anomalous tissue occupies the uterus. The partial molar pregnancy, on the other hand, happens when there is a real fetus that is developing in the uterus. In such a case, a pregnant woman may be misdiagnosed as having twins. But the abnormal tissue may have negative effects on the development of the baby. The baby with the hydatidiform mole inside the uterus may suffer from birth defects. Fortunately, molar pregnancy is rare. However, to ensure that molar pregnancy does not happen, a woman must avoid certain risk factors.

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