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Infertility Treatment

Infertility is the inability to produce an offspring. A couple who have been engaged in unprotected sex and attempting to have a baby for more than a year may consider the possibility that one or both of them are suffering from infertility. With the recognition of the existence of infertility, the couple can then explore various means of addressing the problem. But, before beginning any infertility treatment or planning a series of infertility treatment, the couple must first decide about how far they will go in order to have a baby.

What are the factors involved?

There are many factors that are involved, such as age, health, and finances. For example, younger couples have the luxury of trying various infertility treatments because they have many reproductive years left. But for a couple in which the woman is 35 years old or older, the choices of infertility treatments are narrowed down. Infertility treatments can be expensive and the couple must also decide on how much they can afford to spend on such treatments. And most important of all, the couple must find out who has the infertility condition. Is it the male partner or the female partner?

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