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High Risk Pregnancy?

High Risk Pregnancy?Before a girl gets pregnant, it is advisable that she should first be in an extremely good physical shape, having an emotionally and financially stable environment and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

What are the risk factors?

However, these circumstances are not always present when pregnancies occur. Rather, risk factors instead of beneficial prerequisites are often present during pregnancies.

  • These include a very young or very old maternal age
  • Malnutrition which may be characterized by overweight or underweight conditions
  • Problems with previous pregnancies
  • Pre-existing health conditions

    As a result, a high-risk pregnancy happens.
  • If a woman has a serious condition which may result in a high-risk pregnancy, it is often advisable to prevent conception. These pre-existing conditions include pre-eclampsia characterized by high blood pressure and urinary protein, heart problems, kidney problems, and HIV infection or AIDS which destroys the body’s immune system.

    If pregnancy has occurred prior to the detection of the risks, it is advisable for the woman to immediately seek the advice of a physician. Among the preliminary treatments that the doctor may advice for women with high risk pregnancy are as follows:

  • Large doses of folic acid and iron especially during the early stages of the pregnancy in order to promote healthy and proper fetal development.
  • Proper and complete immunizations in order to promote protection against possible complications, along with other diseases.
  • Maintenance of a desirable weight so as to promote good physical condition during labor.
  • Continuous intake of a well-balanced diet with emphasis on the nutrients which are more vital during pregnancy in order to assure nutritional stability needed during labor.
  • Engaging in regular physical activity especially for overweight patients, so as to decrease weight and promote proper blood flow and stronger respiratory systems.
  • Continuous intake of prenatal vitamins and nutritional supplements that support fetal development
  • Regular check-ups and prenatal care appointments so as to promote regular monitoring and assessment of the fetal development. This will also promote early detection of possible complications.

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