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Getting Pregnant After Molar Pregnancy

Some molar pregnancies are associated with cancer. The anomalous mass of tissue can be cancerous and places greater health risk on the woman. The mole can develop into trophoblastic cancer. To get pregnant after a molar pregnancy while facing the possibility of trophoblastic cancer can be very difficult for any woman. But it can also be managed. Women in such situations will need to take medication and be closely followed by their health care professional.

Molar pregnancy non-cancerous?

However, if the molar pregnancy is non-cancerous and without complications, a woman who had this condition can still have healthy future pregnancies. Her fertility is not radically affected. If the previous experience was a complete molar pregnancy, the couple needed only to try again. If the previous experience was a partial molar pregnancy, the couple must first cope from emotional stress that may come from losing the baby. The good news is that the prognosis of woman who had molar pregnancies is better than women who had ectopic pregnancies.

The chances of getting a second molar pregnancy are between 1 and 2 percent.

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