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First Signs of Twin Pregnancy?

If you think you may be carrying twins, consider if you have one or more of the following first signs of twin pregnancy.

Do you have a faster and larger weight gain?

Unlike when you are carrying a single baby, one of the first signs of twin pregnancy is that you are putting on more weight than in a normal pregnancy. Instead of gaining two to four pounds during your first three months, you will acquire anywhere between ten to fifteen pounds.

Do you think your uterus is larger than normal?

When you are pregnant with twins, your uterus will grow rapidly so as to accommodate the development of two embryos. Also, it may seem that the size of your uterus grows more rapidly, at a rate which is not in line with your expected due date. However, take note of the fact that apart from multiple pregnancies, excessive amniotic fluid and fibroid growth may also cause enlarged uterus.

Do you experience severe and more frequent morning sickness?

Among the first signs of twin pregnancy is a severe and more frequent morning sickness. As such, nausea and vomiting may be experienced more frequently at any time of the day.

Do you think your AFP results are abnormally high?

When the protein secreted by the fetal liver is checked and it reveals a significantly high level, then chances are, you may have a multiple pregnancy or your baby has abnormality. You should undergo an ultrasound scan so as to verify the real cause of an increased protein level.

Do you experience extreme fatigue?

When somebody is pregnant, it may seem that they have lost half of the energy that abounds before. However if somebody is pregnant with twins, then she will inevitably experience more fatigue especially during the last three months of the pregnancy. As a result, extreme bed rest is also advised not only to preserve the body’s energy, but to prevent preterm labor as well.

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