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Fertility Herbs

Due to the risks of the use of drugs, some women turn to more natural solutions to their infertility, especially when their conditions are not severe. These women use fertility drugs. The major advantage of fertility herbs is that there is no known serious side effects. The disadvantage is that fertility herbs take a longer time to show significant results. That is, a woman has to keep drinking infusions of fertility herbs for several months before she can become pregnant.

Some of the popular fertility herbs include

  • red clover
  • nettle
  • raspberry
  • dong quaira
  • damiana

The blossoms of the red clover have been found to have high concentrations of vitamins, calcium, and magnesium. These blossoms also contain trace minerals that help the endocrine glands to regularly produce the hormones that are needed to produce mature eggs from the ovaries. The leaves of nettle and the leaves of raspberry act in a similar manner. By drinking a cup of nettle leaves infusion or raspberry leaves infusion every day, a woman will attain hormonal balance, as well as a healthier body. The dong quai and the damiana have been associated with increased sexual drive.

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