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Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is one of the most alarming problems when it comes to population growth and reproductive health. As pointed by many, teenage pregnancy is one of the root causes of poverty. Teenage moms or teenage parents are usually not equipped with the financial stability that is highly needed when putting up a family. Aside from that, teenage pregnancy poses a great danger for the mother and the child as the teenage body is often still premature to handle the pressures and demands of a maternal condition.

Teenage pregnancy is increasing

As teenage pregnancy continues to grow round the globe, many experts wonder why there is such an increases in numbers.

Studies of teenage pregnancy

Various studies point out many causes of teenage pregnancy. Some studies show that some old traditions that are observed in tribal areas promote teenage pregnancy as their women are encouraged to marry at a very young age. In the case of liberal countries, teenage pregnancy is often credited to the popularization of sex and sexuality.

Primary cause of teenage pregnancy?

However, most statistics will show that one of the primary causes of teenage pregnancy is the lack of awareness and education on safe sex.  Young people are far more open to freedom, exploration, excitement, and adventure than in the past. Education to avoid unprotected sex is needed.

Risky sexual behavior

As noted by the studies, if teenagers know the possible risks that are posed by their risky sexual behavior and if the causes of teenage pregnancy are addressed immediately, chances are, they would be more careful about their actions.

Responsibilities and duties of being a parent

Also, if teenagers were made more aware of the responsibilities and duties of being a parent, then they would have treated sex as a more serous activity. Having them fully aware of safe sex practices, contraception usage, natural family planning methods, and other activities would diminish their chances of an early pregnancy. Therefore the increasing number of teenage parents would considerably decrease as well.

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