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Best time to get pregnant.

Strong lasting bond with your partner.

Bringing up a child up with two people is always going to be easer. There are many successful single mums (or dads) that do a great job however two parents is always going to be the best chance of bringing up a happy child.

You have your finances in order.

There is no way round it, having a child is going to cost a lot of money. Not only in expenses for the child but you or your partner will not be able to work as often as before. These are the things you need to plan for. One thing though, expenses for your social life will go down!

Your health is good.

Think about any conditions you have that may affect your pregnancy or in your child’s life. If you do have some underlying heath conditions, maybe consider taking time to recover before trying to get pregnant. Consult your doctor.

The most important thing you can give a child is love!

When you do decide that you are ready – it will help to get to know your menstrual cycle. Women commonly ovulate two weeks into their cycle. The norm for a woman is twenty-eight day cycle – so the best time to have sex is around fourteenth to sixteenth day. However no harm in trying on the other days however!

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