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Best hygiene practices for a baby

There is a lot of disagreement about the best hygiene practices for a baby. Newborn babies need to have everything cleaned to make sure that they do not get any germs from things like bottles, toys and soothers. They are too little to be able to fight off infections and tend to pick up the necessary antibodies from their mothers milk. This is why everything is sterilized and cleaned thoroughly. It is when they get older that opinions are mixed.

Can exposure to some germs be a good thing?

As babies grow up, some people continue to clean everything thoroughly, using anti-bacterial sprays and wipes on all the household surfaces to make sure that the child is not exposed to any germs. However, there are some people that believe the child should be exposed to some germs once it is old enough to be able to cope with them. This gives them the opportunity to learn to produce their own antibodies and some people even believe that it helps to prevent allergies and other diseases. At the moment there has not been a lot of research carried out in this area and there are of course many other factors which determine whether children pick up illnesses and allergies. It therefore seems to be down to each individual family to decide which is the best method to use.

Talking to your doctor and midwife

It is worth talking to your doctor and midwife about it if you have any concerns as they should be able to give you the facts from the evidence that has been gathered so far or you may decide to compromise. With regards to raising children, the advice given seems to change frequently. Therefore you may find that there is opposing information for many things and it is up to you to decide which you think will be best for your child.




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