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Baby Photo Contests

There are many online contests available for parents to submit their baby pictures to. Parents are proud of their new arrivals and this gives them the chance to show their ‘bundles of joy off to the world’!

First step to baby modeling?

Many parents see entering contests as a first step to baby modeling for their child which can be very lucrative especially in the right circumstances.

Examples of organizers are and

Be careful when money is involved

Be careful of websites that require you to pay money upfront – they are almost certainly scams. Most official websites require you to submit your photographs and there will be an internet vote to find out which one wins. You can submit your photographs to as many websites as you wish.

What prizes can be won?

Prizes vary in relation to the sites they are submitted to. Some offer cash prizes to the top winners only and for the remainder of the winners they will receive either a certificate or a framed picture. Some sites in exchange for this will take ownership/copyright of the submitted photograph hence they will be able to use this picture at a later date without the owners consent. This is just something to bear in mind. Check the small print prior to submission to see what happens to your photograph after the competition has finished.

Danger from Pedophiles?

Pedophiles can use these sites and ensure that when submitting your photograph that the pose is one of head and shoulders only. If it is a body shot then make sure all parts of the baby’s body are covered with clothing.





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