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8 weeks pregnant

Missed two menstrual periods

It’s time for your first appointment with the doctor, since you’ve now missed two menstrual periods. Be prepared for a lengthy first visit since this will be the time for the doctor to check your medical history and for you to ask all your questions.

What’s Going on with the Baby

Fluttering baby heartbeat

If you have an ultrasound done this week, it will show a slight, fluttering baby heartbeat. Your baby is about 8-11 millimeters now, and the process of ossification starts, which means the bones are slowly hardening. Elbows are now forming in the arms, and the fingers are appearing. The leg buds now have feet, and there are notches for the toes. Your baby now has a face, and the ears, eyes and even the tip of the nose is starting to appear. Little baby teeth are growing under the gums. Your baby’s hind brain is now visible, and the gonads will become either ovaries or testes. The intestines begin to develop in the umbilical cord as well.

You might start to show about this time but more a bloated tummy look.

What’s Going on with Mommy

Urination, constipation, heartburn, indigestion and fatigue

Although the morning sickness may have subsided, you may be experiencing other pregnancy symptoms constipation, heartburn, indigestion and fatigue. Although this is quite normal, you should talk to your doctor about it.

Now for Daddy

First pre-natal visit

Daddy, make sure you join Mommy for the first pre-natal visit, since it’s the most important consultation.Think about taking her for a treat afterwards.

Risk of developing toxoplasmosis?

Here’s an important warning. If you own cats, make sure she doesn’t change the kitty litter box. Exposure to kitty litter will put her at risk of developing toxoplasmosis, which causes genetic defects in the baby. So keep your baby safe and change the kitty litter box yourself, or have someone else do it.

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