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7 weeks pregnant

This time next year, your baby will be nearly 5 months old, and you’ll be holding him or her in your arms. For now, it’s still growing in the mommy’s belly, although it’s not very obvious yet.

What’s Going on with the Baby

The baby is now about 7 – 9 millimeters and weighs 1/30 of an ounce, which is about as small as a grain of rice and as light as a small candy. But don’t let the small size fool you, since the head, spinal cord and some of the larger blood vessels are now beginning to form.

Bladder, bones, esophagus and tongue

The bladder, bones, esophagus and tongue of your baby are developing as well, and his eyes are now moving towards the front of the face. Nasal pits and tiny eyelids are forming too. All of the major organs of the body – kidneys, lungs, heart, liver and pancreas – are continually developing. Your baby will actually go through three different sets of kidneys, and this week’s is the second set.

Arms and legs are forming

The arms and legs are forming although there are no toes or fingers yet. The genital tubercle is now present, although it’s still too early to distinguish boys from girls at this point. Your baby is now very actively swimming and kicking inside the amniotic sac, although you won’t feel it yet.

What’s Going on with Mommy

Breaking out in spots

Your face may start breaking out like a teenager due to hormonal changes. Don’t worry, this is quite normal, and this will usually clear up on the second trimester or after you deliver.

Should i be showing at 7 weeks pregnant?

You would have gained or lost a couple of pounds during the few weeks, but you’re not showing yet. Your pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness will begin to subside a bit.

Now for Daddy

Curious about whether you can have sex during pregnancy? Talk to your partner is she’s okay with the idea, since you can do it as long as there are no complications in her pregnancy.

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