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6 weeks pregnant

This is an exciting week for the baby, but a pretty tough one for Mommy. You’d be surprised at how much the baby is developing during the sixth week of pregnancy. If you haven’t told other family members and friends yet about the pregnancy, it’s time to announce the good news.

What’s Going on with the Baby

Placenta and the umbilical cord

At this time, your baby will now have a head and a trunk, and measures about 4-6 millimeters. Limb buds will be forming as well, which will later grow out to become your baby’s arms and legs. There will be indentations in your baby’s facial features, where the eyes, ears and mouths would develop. The lining of the placenta and the umbilical cord will be developing during the sixth week, although it will only be fully functional (i.e. taking over the production of hormones) by the 12th week.

Brain is starting to develop.

The heart is healthy and continues to pump blood to all the other organs and body parts which are still in the development stage, such as the larynx and the lining of the inner ear. More importantly, the brain is beginning to develop, and you can monitor your baby’s brain activity through an electroencephalogram or EEG.

What’s Going on with Mommy

Morning sickness

Unfortunately, your morning sickness is not limited to the mornings. You may have headaches and throw up any time of the day. You’ll begin craving for particular food, while the thought or smell of other dishes you normally like could make you sick. Your breasts will change a lot during this week – they will tingle or feel very heavy and sore, and the areola (dark nipple part) will get darker.

Now for Daddy

Try to be as nice and supportive as possible to the mommy-to-be, since she’s having a really tough time physically.

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