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5 weeks pregnant

A lot of things are happening this week, which you’d never imagine. For one thing, your baby’s heart will begin to beat on week five, so celebrate!

What’s Going on with the Baby

Embryo will have three layers

Your baby is now a developing embryo which has three layers. The top layer, called the ectoderm, is where the neural tube will form. This tube will develop later into the nervous system, including the spinal cord, the brain, hair and skin. The middle layer, called the mesoderm, is where the bones, muscles, heart, kidneys and reproductive organs will form. The third layer, called the endoderm, is where the liver, bladder, pancreas and intestines will develop. As mentioned earlier, the baby’s heart will begin to beat during this time, since the circulatory system is the first to function in a baby.

Transvaginal ultrasound

If you have a transvaginal ultrasound at this time, you will be able to differentiate or notice the head and the “tail” of your baby by now. The average length of the developing embryo is 1.5 to 2.5 millimeters.

What’s Going on with Mommy

Feel nauseated in the morning

This week, the mother’s morning sickness will begin to kick in. You may feel nauseated in the morning, and may throw up repeatedly. You may notice that you’re hungry all the time, and you need to urinate more often than usual. This is because your growing uterus is beginning to press into your bladder.

Pregnancy symptoms

The pregnancy symptoms are different for every mother though. Some will experience no problem at all, while others will have to be bed-ridden for the first trimester.

Light cramping & pinkish discharge

Keep a close eye if you have these symptoms. It could be old blood or some from implantation. If this continues seek help from your doctor.

Lower back ache

Perfectly normal for this to start at this stage in your pregnancy.

Now for Daddy

Again, the best thing you can do for your partner is to be there and support her through all the mood swings. She’s not feeling herself, and she may take it out on you every so often. Don’t take it personally – just blame the hormones.

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