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40 weeks pregnant

Congratulations! If everything goes well, you are now at the end of the pregnancy and the baby will be out literally any second now (if the baby isn’t out yet).

What’s Going on with the Baby

Your baby now weighs a hefty 3.4 kilograms and is about 55 centimeters from head to toe. By this time, 15% of your baby’s body weight is fat. It’s now just a waiting game for both of you, since everybody should be ready by now for the big birthday of your baby.

Rectal pressure?

Are you feeling rectal pressure? This is the baby moving into position ready to be born.

What’s Going on with Mommy

First phase is early labor

There are three phases of labor. The first phase is early labor, which can take up to 8 hours. You know you’re in early labor when your contractions are coming every ten minutes, each of which will last for up to a minute. Try to relax at home since there’s no need yet to go to the hospital. Once your water breaks or when your contractions are happening every5 minutes for over one hour, each of which lasting for up to 90 seconds, it’s time to grab your hospital bag and go.

Second phase is active labor

The second phase is active labor, which begins when your cervix is dilated to about ten centimeters. The baby is typically now on your pelvis, causing rectal pressure so that you’d feel as if you need to pass your bowels. Contractions are increasing in intensity and length, and you may need an epidural if the pain is too much. You will now be pushing through the contractions in order to move your baby to the birth canal.

Third phase is the expelling of the Placenta

The third phase is the expelling of the placenta (also called the afterbirth), which should happen within half an hour after delivery. The entire placenta must be expelled, since any residual pieces can be the reason for infections and bleeding.

Now for Daddy

Give your partner a kiss for giving you the best gift – your own child. Let the new mother and baby sleep, and celebrate outside the room with friends and family.

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