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39 weeks pregnant

Make sure everybody’s ready and mentally prepared for the new addition to your family. Prepare the baby garments you should have purchased months ago and make sure they’re clean and newly-washed. Also make sure the crib, baby comforter, baby blanket and all the other paraphernalia are ready for the coming of your baby.

What’s Going on with the Baby


Lanugo is nearly all gone, and all the body organs and functions of your baby are ready for birth. Basically, your baby is just hanging around, waiting for that special moment when your entire body system begins the birthing process.

What’s Going on with Mommy

Center of gravity

It’s time to review the lessons you’ve learned during your childbirth classes such as relaxation and correct breathing. This will help calm you during labor, and should ease some of the pain. You may be feeling clumsy at the moment, but that’s only because your center of gravity is a bit off due to your baby settling into your pelvis. The uterus is now about 6 ½ to 8 inches above your belly button, and people will be telling you that you look like you’re ready to “pop.”

Pregnancy predictors

You will experience other signs that you’re about to start labor, called pregnancy predictors. For one, you may have what is called a “bloody show,” which is a brownish-red vaginal discharge. Another is the familiar occurrence of the water breaking, although not all women experience this. Others begin having loose stools, which is a welcome relief to some, especially after the pregnancy constipation.

Now for Daddy

Make sure your doctor of choice is always available, so that you can call him or her anytime the labor begins. It will obviously be more stressful for your partner if she will be assisted in labor not by her own doctor, but by a doctor she barely knows.

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