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35 weeks pregnant

You’re now approaching the end of this stressful, tiring phase of your lives, and looking at the beginning of another demanding, exhausting but ultimately fulfilling period – that of being parents of a newly born baby. You’ll miss a lot of the things you were able to do before, such as go on spontaneous dates, but you’ll definitely find the baby more rewarding.

Feeling cervix pain?

You may be feeling cervix pain at this time. This is caused by the babies head pushing down engaging in the pelvis. Don’t worry this does not mean that baby is due - the baby could still take weeks to come.

Taking the pressure of your Pelvis

One tip to avoid this pain to get on your hands and knees – this may help take the pressure of your Pelvis.

What’s Going on with the Baby

Organs are now functional

Your baby now weighs 2.15 kilograms and is about 46 centimeters from head to toe. The arms and legs are now plump with all the fat build-up of the previous weeks. All the organs are already functional, and are just going through the finishing touches. The baby will keep on moving around, but the space would be very cramped for him or her now. This of course wouldn’t stop the baby from giving an occasional kick.

What’s Going on with Mommy

Checking cervix regularly for signs of dilation

Your doctor will now start checking your cervix regularly for signs of dilation and effacement. Effacement means that your cervix is thinning out. The cervix is normally about an inch thick during pregnancy, and will begin to efface or thin out on the weeks preceding delivery. You usually wouldn’t notice or feel this process yourself. Dilation means that your cervix is opening up to allow your baby to pass through. Full dilation would be 10 centimeters.

Back pain and contractions

The back pain and contractions are now continuous. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of fluids and taking naps as much as you can. Remember, once the baby is out, you’ll have a tough time finding the time to sleep.

Now for Daddy

Baby shower?

If your partner hasn’t had a baby shower yet, contact her sisters and girlfriends and help them organize one. Make sure all the guests know whether your baby is a boy or a girl, so that you won’t get pink frilly dresses, which will be totally useless if you’re expecting a son.

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