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21 weeks pregnant

It’s the beginning of the second half of your pregnancy, so you might as well celebrate with a nice dinner.

What’s Going on with the Baby

Rapid eye movement

The rapid growth stage of your little baby during the past few weeks is now beginning to slow down. Your baby is now hardening up and preparing for life in the real world. One notable development during this week though is the addition of rapid eye movement (REM) in your baby’s sleep cycle. The skin is red, translucent, and wrinkly, which is actually in preparation for more fat that will forming in a few more weeks. If you have twins or triplets, by this time they’re all kicking each other. But don’t worry, since there is a very elastic and strong membrane separating them. The baby weighs around 368 grams and will be settling head-first towards the end of this trimester.

What’s Going on with Mommy

Swelling in their ankles

Your uterus is now half an inch above your belly button. You should be gaining about 10-15 pounds this week on the average. As long as you’re eating healthy (and not gorging yourself on chocolates, sweets, fast food and other unhealthy choices), you shouldn’t worry too much over the weight gain. During this week, some mothers experience swelling in their ankles and feet. If this is the case with you, drink lots of water and keep your feet elevated.

Now for Daddy

If you want to take a short, relaxing vacation for you and your partner, this may be the perfect time to leave. She is not sick all the time anymore (unlike in her first trimester), and neither is she too heavy and drained to move around yet (unlike in her third trimester). Of course, make sure you get your doctor’s clearance first before heading out to your favorite vacation spot, and make certain that your partner is up for a trip.

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