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2 weeks pregnant

It’s now the second week of your pregnancy, and you probably don’t even know it yet!

Just Before the Baby

The egg is just getting ready to be released. Once fertilized by the sperm, the baby will be formed. For now, there’s still no actual baby.

What’s Going on with Mommy

Your uterus is ready to support a growing fetus.

Your uterus has already shed the lining during your menstrual period, and is getting ready to support a growing fetus with its blood-rich tissue. The egg is ripening in either your left or right ovary, and ovulation (the process of releasing the egg) is about to occur.

How many eggs are released during ovulation?

Usually, only one egg is released during ovulation. But there are instances when two eggs are released. If both are fertilized, you’d be having fraternal twins. Statistics show that one out of 89 births is a multiple (either a twin, triplet and so on).

One-sided cramp during ovulation?

Some women feel the actual ovulation with a one-sided cramp commonly called mittleschmertz. It would be best to avoid taking medicines such as pain-killers for the cramps for now, while you are planning to have a baby.

Now for Daddy

On the 14th day from the day Mommy’s period started, she will be ovulating which is the best time to try to conceive the baby. If you’ve been trying to have a baby for a long time, the best thing to do is just relax, enjoy the moment and hope for the best. Too much stress will have an adverse effect on your sperm – and in your enjoyment.

Increase men’s sperm count

A good tip for Daddy is to always wear boxers and loose pants, since this has been proven to increase men’s sperm count. Avoid placing your laptops in your lap for extended periods of time, since the heat from the laptop battery can warm your testicles and negatively affect your sperm production.

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