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19 weeks pregnant

Childbirth class

This is the time to enroll in a childbirth class, if you haven’t enrolled yet. There are lots of classes to choose from, just pick one closest to your area and most suited to your own schedule.

What’s Going on with the Baby

24 centimeters in length

Your baby is now about 24 centimeters in length, and is now measured from head to toe instead of from crown to rump. He or she now weighs in at an amazing 225 grams during the nineteenth week of pregnancy. Lanugo (the baby hair) traps the cheesy vernix caseosa to the surface of your baby’s skin. The meconium, or the baby’s first poop, is building up in the tummy and will come out shortly after birth. It is black and sticky, and you’ll be really glad that it happens only once. If your baby is a girl, her tiny ovaries now contain primitive egg cells, as the cycle of life continues. Permanent teeth buds are beginning to develop behind the milk teeth buds that have already developed.

What’s Going on with Mommy

Pregnancy friendly exercise

You’re probably starting to feel fat and stiff, so it’s best to continue with your pregnancy-friendly exercise regimen. Choose aerobic activities such as jogging, walking and swimming, and exercises that help stretch your muscles such as yoga or pilates. You may also do some weight training to keep you from gaining excessive weight during your pregnancy, which will be difficult to burn after birth.

Now for Daddy

By this time, your partner would suddenly grab your hand and place it on her belly to let you feel your baby kicking. More often than not, you won’t feel a thing. Don’t worry, in a few weeks or so, you’ll be feeling your baby’s movements better.

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