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18 weeks pregnant

Baby bump

This is the week when the mothers really get an obvious baby bump. But it doesn’t matter, because there’s nothing sexier than a glowing mother-to-be who’s not ashamed of all her curves.

What’s Going on with the Baby

First bowel movement meconium

At last, your baby now really, really looks like a tiny human being, with the eyes looking forward and not out the sides of the head. The first bowel movement, called meconium, is now accumulating in your baby’s tummy. If you have a baby boy, this week his prostate gland is starting to develop. If you have a baby girl, this week she’ll develop her own uterus and vaginal canal.

Skin layers erpidermis and dermis

Your baby now has two distinct skin layers, called the epidermis (also called surface skin) and dermis. Right now their skin is covered with a waxy, greasy substance called vernix caseosa. This protects your baby’s very thin and sensitive skin from getting bruised and chapped what with all the swimming in the amniotic fluid.

What’s Going on with Mommy

Dizzy or lightheaded

Don’t get scared if you suddenly feel dizzy or lightheaded every time you stand up suddenly. This is because while you’re growing, you’re producing more blood for your body and your baby’s, and this lowers your blood pressure. Low blood pressure is the culprit for the sudden dizziness.

Trouble sleeping

If you’re having trouble sleeping, try raising your head with lots of pillows until you find a more relaxed sleeping pose on your side. You may also want to try doing a couple of pelvic twists before hitting bed. Don’t forget to go to the bathroom before sleeping to avoid unnecessary and uncomfortable trips to the bathroom at midnight.

Now for Daddy

This may be the week when your partner begins to feel insecure about her body. Let her know that she’s never looked more attractive to you.

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