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16 weeks pregnant

Boy or girl?

This is an exciting week not only for the parents, but for the grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, cousins and relatives. This week you’ll finally find out whether you need to buy a pink or blue baby blanket, and you can finally pick a name!

What’s Going on with the Baby

Fingernails and Toenails are formed

Your baby is now about 85 grams and 16 centimeters, about the size of a banana. By now the fingernails and toenails are already well formed. Some babies even need to get their nails clipped just a few days after birth. The ears have also moved to the correct position at the sides of the head. Your baby is also urinating every 40 to 45 minutes. The bones are getting stronger, and their limb movements are becoming stronger and more coordinated. The legs are longer than the arms, and the baby is kicking and flailing about since there’s still lots of room to move about within the uterus.

What’s Going on with Mommy

Nosebleeds or stuffy nose?

In case you suddenly get nosebleeds or stuffy nose, don’t worry. This is due to the increased blood volume during pregnancy, and shouldn’t be a problem at all if you are healthy. As the blood volume increases, your level of estrogen is affected as well, which causes your nasal membranes to swell.

Baby’s movements in your womb

By this time, you should be able to feel your baby’s movements in your womb, unless you are overweight, have a thick uterus or it’s your first pregnancy. An amniocentesis (a test for birth defects and other conditions by taking a small amount of amniotic fluid) may be taken this week.

Now for Daddy

Don’t forget to go with your partner to shop for baby clothes, and start choosing names for your child so that you know what to call him or her even while still in the womb.

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