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Single Father Parenting:

Facing the Challenges Head On

When two young individuals are in love, they tend to create an unyielding bond, a bond that will last forever, or so they thought. When the fantasy of being married starts to strip its beguiling façade, reality will prove to be unkind. The bond that appears indestructible has now been dissolved. When this occurs, society often times turns to the mother’s inherent gentleness, compassion, and patience. With this said, single father parenting seems to be overshadowed by single mom parenting. When one opens the lifestyle magazines in search of tips for single parenting
, almost all are focused on single mothers.

Help being a single father

Let’s face it, when it comes to single parenting the community can be pretty much one sided. The most frequent connection recognized between single parenting and being a single father is the weekend visitation, if there is any that is. Being a father is tough enough, let alone be a single father. At first, it is but normal that one feels the burden of raising his child alone. This is a common mistake. You are never alone. You have your immediate family, you have the community, and you have your child; these are your sources of strength. Do not let your pride hinder you from getting help particularly during the early stages of single father parenting. Asking your mom for help is never degrading. It takes a real man to know and improve on his weakness, right?

The day to day toil of being a single parent

The toil of getting up early to fix meals, prepare the kids for daycare, school or to grandma’s house, then going straight to the office to earn a salary that could barely cover all your expenses; this could simply break a person’s spirit. But as fathers, you have to muster everything you have for the sake of your children. Do not wallow in self-pity, the break-up stage is over. Move on. Direct all your energy and your full attention to your kids, not your ex. The sooner you get over your separation, the sooner you’ll be able to step in the real world with your children.

Parenting is communication

A universal point in parenting is communication. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, this is important. Bear in mind that this is not a one way process. Your children will listen to you if you take time to hear what they have to say. Single father parenting will stir emotions from elation to frustration and everything in between. Tears will be present but in time, these tears will turn badges of war signifying the victory of a job well done.



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