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Post Divorce Parenting Tips

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship:

When the bickering seems endless, when the shouting appears to get louder and when couples counseling starts to be more of an arena for annoyance and strife rather than solution and reconciliation, then the parents have no other recourse but divorce. Yes, divorce. Such an ugly word but fact is, sometimes, this is the only way to go. And if the circumstances dictate that divorce be inevitable, your marital issues are between you and your spouse. Do not go dragging your children into the fray of anger and resentment that comes along with divorce. The procedure alone may prove to be agonizing and traumatizing for the children, what more the aftermath?

Remember your duties as parents

Parents should remember that though the bond of marriage has been severed, their duties as parents are very much intact. This brings us to one of the more known post divorce parenting tips - the children must not be exposed to the violent screaming and hostile arguments that transpire between the parents. A child need not see how his family is slowly falling apart, or worse, he might assume that he is to blame for said behaviors.

Focus on the children

Most post divorce parenting tips focus on the children. More often than not, during the course of the divorce, custody of the children is the ultimate goal. Problem is, this custody gives off the impression that your children are possessions that must be claimed. Your children are not furniture that can be swapped nor are they ‘allies’ whose sole purpose is to fuel your army against your spouse.

Child support and financial obligations

With regards to child support and financial obligations, please be responsible enough to pay your child support. And for the parent who has the custody, it is but proper that the credit be shared to both of you. When you see your child beaming with glee while punching the keys in her new laptop, do not forget to remind your child to thank her dad or mom or whomever is paying child support for that matter.

Communication is the key

In every relationship, communication is the key and divorce is not an exception. If you have the custody of your child, it is your duty to constantly communicate everything to your partner. Your daughter’s perfect math quiz, your son’s interest in playing the guitar, or even the schedules of their soccer practices; bear in mind that for a parent, no detail is too small or too big if it pertains to their children. These are a few of the post divorce parenting tips, there are a lot more. But whatever you choose, remember that your children deserve the love and care of both parents. The puzzle that is their lives will not be complete if the figure of a biological parent is missing.



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