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Parents as Teachers?

Is the title even appropriate? Is it right to weigh one against the other? Could one actually separate teaching from parenting? As parents, as teachers, or even as mentors, it is our obligation to impart knowledge to the individuals under our care. When issues pertaining to education and schooling arise, there are three salient options: private, public, or home schooled. Of course each possesses different methods of learning, different set of rules, and different state of affairs. Enrolling your child in either a private or public school does not connote that your duty as parent and as a teacher will be relinquished and be handed over to the school administration. School teachers are not babysitters and home school workbooks cannot replace the value of learning through actual interaction and communication.

In the parents as teachers and teachers as parents scenario, often times there lies a struggle between the notions of the parent and the teacher. The former usually assumes that once their child has been accepted to the school, it is only fitting that they relegate their duties and responsibilities on the shoulders of the teachers. In simple term, the parents attempt to evade such acts, acts that are part and parcel of parenting. However, there are those parents who just cannot stay away from the curriculum implemented by the school. This pertains to the demanding parents who frequently visit the admin office requesting various alterations for the reason that their child is not excelling.

As for the teachers, the typical tag line is, ‘it’s the responsibility of the parents.’ Again, there are two sides in every situation. There are also teachers who step out of bounds like the subject on sex education. If this back and forth motion continues, the children will end up having anything but education. This is one key issue that must be addressed promptly.

Whatever the matter may be, fact is, your parents are teachers, they will always be. From the time way back when you’re still in diapers to the time when you’ll be reaching your prime---they will always be your teachers. One can never actually sever parenting from teaching, it goes hand in hand.

Teaching requires more than the basic reading, writing, and understanding. Parents as teachers must realize that education does not rely solely on books, on what the media portrays, or on what the community dictates. Remember that teaching also indicates parting ideas of life, of love, and of compassion.



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