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Parenting skills

When Parenting Skills Clash

Are you too strict? Is your spouse too lenient? Do your parenting skills collide with your partner’s? Is this conflict getting in the way of how you discipline your children? Are your children pulling one on you?

Children nowadays

Children nowadays are too smart for their own good. There are parents who play bad cop, good cop. Whether the mother plays the latter or the father opt to portray the former, the bad cop always have the irk of the children. The typical family possesses the stern father and the compassionate mother figure but nowadays, this could be easily be disproved.

What parenting style is the best?

There is no book that dictates one person’s style of parenting to be better than the other. One partner maybe a product of austere parenting style, while the other could be an individual molded by the soft touch of a lax method. Your parenting skills will reflect on your children. They could miss the chance of being independent, they could be exposed to too much freedom, or they could turn out to be productive citizens. All of these depend on your decision on how to raise your child
. Here enters one of the perks of being married, you need not decide on your own, you have your insights and he has his own, put it together and create disciplined children. However, it is not that easy. It is never that easy.

Methods children can use to get what they want!

Remember, children these days are quick to think. If they are being disciplined and one parent calls the attention of the other, they will play on that. And oh, how they will cleverly devise a plan to steer that to their own advantage. It should be realized that discussion with regards to parenting should be dealt with behind closed doors and not in front of children. Your children should know who ultimately holds the cards. And if during the card game, your children need to fold, make certain they know that you have their back and they have your full support.

Guidance of their parents

Children are placed under the guidance of their parents for a reason. The latter must find the balance between being firm and being gentle. You may choose to compromise given the range of both your parenting skills. Having two disciplinarians may cause problems, but if the decisions are mutually made, then it could be prevented.



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